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Absolute potential,
indescribable feeling.

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Mango Haze

The mango scent is complemented by citrus tones and a slightly sour aroma – in short, a typical exotic combination for lovers of intense scents.


Thin Mint it combines sparkling freshness and slightly sweet tones of vanilla.

It is characterized by its sweet mint scent.


Let yourself be carried away by the sweet fruit tones. Gelato41 is waiting for all lovers of sweet terpene tones.


Lemon Twist is based on a hybrid strain dominated by sativa and has a mildly mint, but above all intense lemon aroma combined with sharp juniper tones.

terpene intensity

High intensity = rich experience.

Each of our terpenes has its own specific scent, which you will recognize among a thousand others.

we have intensively tested terpenes and selected only the best ones for you.

A solution that suits everyone

A collectible elegant piece that everyone wants to have at home.

The limited edition of our vaporizer pen was made in Switzerland and is a great choice for everyone,

who suffers from perfect design combined with quality.

The magic of CBD

Get rid of stress, eliminate muscle pain and deal with a number of other health problems.

Many scientific studies have been written about the positive effects of CBD.



100% Natural


Brand Story

The year 2020 was a turning point for almost everyone. And we were no exception.

A year full of unexpected and unpredictable situations. New positions. New tasks. New challenges.

We decided to take a step forward and meet the demands that came from a lot of people around us.

We searched, thought, asked, tried, tested, developed.

When we discovered the “CBDpero” spell and knew we had found exactly what we were looking for.

But it was not the end – just the beginning of another long, almost two-year journey.

After two years, we developed an original CBD pen, with the quality of which we were 100% satisfied.

CBD pen with advanced technology. A collectible elegant piece that everyone wants to have at home.

CBD but.

It’s good to be able to stop.


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